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  Dong Van Plateau, Sky Gate - Ha Giang Province

Dong Van Plateau, Sky Gate - Ha Giang Province
Dong Van is a mountainous border district of Ha Giang. Altitude region of about 1,000 m above sea level, terrain mostly found rocks. Districts in Ha Giang Town 146 km but the traffic is very difficult. 9 districts with 19 communes, the commune has borders with China. Winter temperatures sometimes down to 1 ° C, but the hottest summer just around 24oC. Sky and rain almost all year round, so blind people have a saying here: "see each other in the eye, having lost half a day together" and "land in three steps, not three days of sunny sky."

Dong Van is the northernmost point of Vietnam in Lung Cu. It is said that if not on Lung Cu is considered not to Dong Van, by Lung Cu as the "roof of Vietnam," where the "bend in close to the ground, lifted my hand touched the sky."

Dong Van is famous for delicious fruit: peaches, plums, pears, apples, pink ... quarter of medicinal plants: three losses, field, anise, cinnamon ... Still the same famous landscapes such as mountains, caves, forests full color flower ... It is here for artists to create inspiring works were composed painting, photography is one of a kind in the world of nature: mountains, rice terraces ...

To non-Office as an opportunity to test your courage by high passes of the abyss, sometimes have to walk. But in exchange, you get the day immersed with natural grandeur, living the poor people but also full of joy and happiness in life. You will also be released in the English soul praise, flute. Who knows, it would be silly to ignore when you leave this remote place.

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